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“Empowering Our Inner and Outer Selves”

Today, kids are immersed in a culture and exposed to mixed and inaccurate messages about sexuality by portraying relationships that lack healthy boundaries and mutual respect.

While more girls are affected by sexual harassment, boys are also negatively affected because of the school environment that tolerates it, making them feel unsafe.  Lack of school interventions make everyone feel insecure.

Champions Against Bullying workshops offer a realistic and respectful approach allowing teens to talk about specific issues they face relating to sex, sexuality, and sexual power.  Together, we will “decode” some of the manipulative and provocative images being used by the media and provide guidelines to defeat the myths surrounding teen sex.

Music and the The Media 

  • How it feeds our self-esteem.
  • How are girls and boys being represented by mass media?
  • What messages are being sent?
  • How and why do we allow demeaning messages about ourselves to continue?
  • How does it impact us?
  • Messages and Facts: Portrayal or Distortion?

Sexual Harassment

  • What is sexual harassment?
  • An overview of what sexual aggression looks and sounds like.  Is it Lust, Love or Like?
  • Understanding the difference between sexual harassment and flirting.
  • A new study indicates that 90% of girls report experiencing sexual harassment at least once.  More than half have experienced academic sexism regarding their ability in male dominated fields such as science and math.
  • Our sixth sense, trusting ourselves and knowing we have options.
  • Assertiveness.  We’re in control.
  • What is acceptable and what is abuse?
  • What our clothes and body language reveal?


  • How does the out-of-control compare/compete dynamic affect our self-esteem? 
  • Are boys and girls feeling pressured?  In what way?  How are they coping? 
  • Pride, and Worth.
  • How are we valued, cherished and respected?
  • Why do we put ourselves down and equate happiness with how we look?
  • What can we do to raise our self-esteem?

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