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“Yes, Kids Have Sweaty Palms, Too”

Get the tools you need to protect your child SAFELY.  An empowering workshop offering insight, skills, resources, strategies and solutions to enhance your child’s quality of life in and out of school.

Since a strong code of silence continues to exist among kids, parents need to know how to listen between the lines, recognize the signs and keep the channels of communication open as you navigate your child safely through rough waters. 


  1. What it’s really like to be a kid today.
  2. What issues kids confront and how they are coping.
  3. An overview of bullying: frequency, severity and ramifications.
  4. How home influences affect your child’s behavior, self-esteem, development and language.
  5. How you can tell if your child is a bully, victim or gang member.
  6. How to protect and help your child safely.


  • Workshops are available for schools, parent groups, conferences and associations.
  • Private, group and phone coaching sessions including phone consultations.
  • Media Consulting.

We are also working with parents in small groups either at their home or in a community setting. If you would like to organize a Yes, Kids Have Sweaty Palms, Too workshop, your fee is waived as the host.

To book a workshop, please contact: