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Romulus, Michigan

The Champions Against Bullying day kicked off with 700 eager Romulus Middle School students and staff.  Team CAB, led by founder, Alexandra Penn, and USA Director, Leigh Faith-Fujimoto, while sharing inspiring gems, boosting confidence and encouraging the 700 strong to stand up to bullying, were in excellent company…

Enter teen idol, actor Garrett Clayton.  When Garrett took center stage, the audience went wild.  Garrett, deeply affected by bullying growing up, shared his story, his pain, how he overcame it and what it means to put into his acting.  Garrett also joined the workshops and was a generous contributor to the discussions and role-playing exercises.

The day wasn’t done after the workshops, as line-ups multiplied for autographs and photos.  Many thanks and rave reviews to Garrett for being such a good sport and so gracious.  

Our appreciation further extends to Super Superintendent of Schools, Marjie McAnally and Mayor LeRoy Burcroff for joining us and sharing their motivating messages. 

AND, a MEGA thank you to our sponsors, the Romulus Public Service Credit Union, who made it all possible, with special thanks to Nadine, Linda and Rob at the helm.

OK, so if you really want to see us in action, CLICK HERE


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