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“Keeping Your Cool When The Heat Is On”

Our children’s workshops are participative and promote discussions in respect, kindness and friendship.  Role-playing allows bullies, victims and bystanders an opportunity to experience deeper empathy for one another and practice safe and effective strategies.

Here’s What We Cover:

1. What is bullying?
2. Who bullies? 
3. What is the difference between bullying and peer conflict?
4. What constitutes telling as opposed to tattling?
5. What is a bystander?  What can a bystander do to help the victim?
6. Effects of bullying on the: a) victim b) bully c) bystander
7. Removing shame and blame.
8. Self-esteem boosting, discussion and activities.
9. Defining the difference between tolerance and acceptance.

Frightened children shadowed by the fear of being bullied at school are distracted and unproductive. Champions Against Bullying works to remove the blocks that impede learning, such as fear, thereby widening children’s educational opportunities and enhancing their quality of life.


  • Workshops also available for parent groups and associations
  • Private, group and phone coaching sessions including phone consultations
  • Media Consulting

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