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“What’s Up With Kids Today?”

Learn how to encourage and promote a safe and peaceful environment in your school.  Our workshops provide preventive strategies and policies to reduce bullying in the school environment.  We will work with you on how to enlist parental cooperation and student involvement.

Disruptive classroom behavior represents a loss of valuable teaching time. Champions Against Bullying’s program includes the tools to help teachers manage students’ disruptive behavior.

  1. Overview, including latest statistics and the damaging effects of bullying on the learning process and on society. 
  2. The nature of bullying and its impact on the bully, victim, bystander, classroom and school environment.
  3. Activities to enlist your students’ cooperation.  Defining behavioral expectations.
  4. Overload and Expectations:  “I’m pulled in too many directions.“  The demands are often overwhelming.  Creating a balance.

Teachers and Parents Working Together

Parents are the school’s best allies.  Parental influence on their kids’ academics and behavior means the odds are greater that children present themselves at school every day with the right disposition to learn.  We provide strategies to increase parent involvement and enhance parental support.  Let us help you develop school safety policies and resulting appropriate consequences that send a clear message to kids and parents that bullying is unacceptable and not tolerated.

We are currently developing Yoga, “Stretch Your Limits,” “Fitness – For Every Body and Everybody” and “Nutrition:  Food For Thought” Workshops.
Stay tuned!


  • Workshops also available for parent groups and associations
  • Private, group and phone coaching sessions including phone consultations
  • Media Consulting

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