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Champions Against Bullying provides the tools and resources that empower kids with a positive self-image to withstand outside negative influences.

Workshops cover bullying from A to Z, including the bully, target and bystander and address children from pre-school to high school.   Our workshops and keynotes are adapted for parents, educators, universities, associations and corporations.

Using our Prevention – Interventions – Solutions model, we:

*Empower the target *Train teachers
*Mobilize the bystanders *Inform parents
*Rehabilitate the bully    *Develop school policies and safe practices

Larger Venue speaking engagements The American Camp Association, Take The Lead Teen Summit at Fullerton University and the Raise Foundation's Annual Conference.


  • Social Starts - For the pre-school crowd - Inspiring kindness, respect and confidence
  • Wee Feel Great - Follow up - For the pre-school crowd
  • Keeping Your Cool While The Heat Is On - For kids
  • Yes, Kids Have Sweaty Palms, Too - For parents
  • How Do You Know What You Don’t Know?- For parents – Find out what’s keeping your kids up at night
  • What’s Up With Kids Today?- Training for educators

More Champions Against Bullying tools and resources!

  • “The No-Nonsense Guide To Kids’ Bullying Solutions” – Disney Online and Parent-to-Parent award winning, interactive, Ministry of Education approved resource in CD-ROM format
  • Quick reference and Step by Step Reference Guides – For parents and kids
  • Private, phone and group coaching
  • Mediating available - to restore a peaceful and amicable solution at every stage when bullying is identified
  • Media consulting

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