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About Champions Against Bullying

“There is no doubt in my mind that you are the primary resource in Canada when it comes to this important topic.  I am so pleased that I know about it all -  i.e. that I can refer patients to the site and more.  Thank you.  Keep up the terrific work you do, Alex.  It’s changing lives.”    - Dr. Peter Nieman, Director, Children’s Obesity Clinic, Calgary, Alberta

“Congratulations Alex and Leigh and thank you for sending me a copy of The No-Nonsense Guide To Kids Bullying Solutions. The information is really good and presented in a colorful, professional way.

"Check out Champions Against Bullying workshops for parents and teachers and read on to learn more about this organization." - The Catalyst, view newsletter

“Finally, a groundbreaker!  Alexandra Penn and her colleagues have developed an ingenious intervention and prevention program that encompasses appropriate illustrations accompanied with the tools of language.  The No-Nonsense Guide to Kids’ Bullying Solutions is an interactive activity readily accessible to students, educators, parents and health professionals. 

I invited Alexandra to lead workshops with fourth and fifth graders.  The students took in their new awareness in recognizing their own experiences of being bullied, being the bully, or as the bystander.  The skills and strategies became part of their outer awareness and inner knowing.  The students then brought their newly acquired skills and strategies into the classrooms and onto the schoolyard.  Thank you, Alex.
- Laura Ford, Ed.D., Doctor of Education in Applied Psychology, Executive  Director, The Centre for Youth and Family, Toronto, Canada

“Leigh, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to address the kids and tutors today.  You could see the response and the personal stories that people were holding onto that needed to take voice!  You did an amazing job and were so compelling in your presentation.  Thank you again for being so special and wonderful with the many who are struggling with this bullying epidemic.”
- Adrienne Weise, Director, Beverly Hills Academic Afterschool Tutoring Program, CA 

“I connected with Champions Against Bullying in 2003, a few years after losing my son Jared (September 1998), and a few months after founding Bully Police USA.  We have shared many hours of conversations about Jared’s “bullycide” (a suicide attributed to bullying) and I felt comfortable, safe and supported talking with members from this wonderful organization.   

I believe that we as parents never fully stop grieving over our child’s death but knowing that Champions Against Bullying is in our corner, definitely provides the strength to help us move forward.”
- Brenda High, Founder of Bully Police USA (www.bullypolice.org)

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“Thank you so much for helping to empower my son after his terrifying experience.  We are very grateful to (the television reporter) who referred your organization to us.  I am now contacting other parents to arrange a workshop with Champions Against Bullying.” - Parent, Irvine, CA           

“A valuable resource to have in every elementary classroom.  A must for all schools.”
- Milla Liska Education Consultant, Toronto District School Board, Canada

Your lovely website is now listed as a link in the Resources section of our Solutions for Peace & Safety at Home and School Project. - Howard Binkow, Founder, We Do Listen Foundation, Los Angeles

“I realized how effective your presentation was when another teacher approached me telling me how impressed she was with one of the students in my program that participated in your workshop.  She explained that they had discussed the issue of bullying in her classroom the day before and this particular student had his hand up for every question.  That’s when I realized the impact your presentation made on my students.  Now we can become Champions Against Bullying.
- Linda Petrie, After-School Program Director, Bolton, Canada

“I had heard about the USDS workshop from a parent.  Very positive feedback.  It's great that you're also getting into classrooms.  I think that a smaller venue (compared to assemblies) is often more appropriate and effective…Fabulous!  I’m in the midst of circulating the link within the Board and to the members of the Parent Coalition for Safe Schools of which I am involved.” - J. White, Parent Council, Blythewood School, Toronto, Canada

“I have just looked at the material you sent and - WOW - it’s fabulous!  I would be interested in investigating the cost, as it is something we will be interested in showing our students.  It’s really good and is written in a manner that is so reader friendly and practical.  Thanks so much for sharing.”
- Linda Whitehead, Faculty, Early Childhood Education, Loyalist College, Canada

“Wow!  You sure touched a chord speaking about bullying to the Pride Business Network.  It’s a powerful issue for the LGBT community.  We appreciated learning about your web initiative to combat bullying and the bystander behavior that supports it.  People said they were impressed with your presentation and really identified with the cases you described.” read full letter - Sue Pimento, President, Pride Business Network

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation. All the parents felt it was exceptionally well done and beneficial, and expressed their appreciation for having professionals address this very important topic. Your workshop is a must for everyone who works with or has children.” - Marisa, Educator and After School Program Director

“On behalf of all of us, I want to thank you Alex and Leigh, for a most informative presentation filled with useful and practical advice.  We loved the fact that it was participative and gave us the opportunity to ask questions as they arose.  The enthusiasm and positive feedback on The No-Nonsense Guide To Kids’ Bullying Solutions has turned the heat on to ask you to return for a follow up session during our next corporate quality employee day.  I’ll be in touch.  Once again, many thanks.”  - Amy B., Director, Human Resources

“What a great resource.  I’ve bookmarked it.  Good work.  Thanks for all that you do for kids.”
- Steve McChesney, Author - No Bullies, USA

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Champions Against Bullying is a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.