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Shara With a background in early childhood education, special needs, writing and nanny – ing, Shara Lawrence-Weiss bring over 23 years of hands-on experience to children in pre-school and educational outlets.  She has three children of her own (11, 4 and 2), and enjoys writing about early childhood, social-emotional development, emotional intelligence, empathy and kindness, outdoor play, nature learning and more.   Shara and her husband reside in a small town in Northern Arizona where they participate in small business meetings, charity events, local school events and Library Board meetings.  Be sure to check out her fun and informative websites below and on the links page

A Few Words From Shara: 

Mommy Perks:  I work with small business owners offering marketing, public relations, reviews, giveaways, advertising, business coaching and social media campaigns.  I also write parenting articles and business tips – on a regular basis.

Personal Child Stories:  Using my background in early childhood, education and special needs I write stories for children. I use personal photos rather than clip art. Every book/story is different, according to the needs of each child. I hand craft the books at home: I print, cut, laminate, cut again, bind and round all corners. The books can be colored on, drooled on, etc, and wiped clean. They cannot be torn up like paper books. My focus is on social-emotional development, self esteem, emotional intelligence, acceptance and kindness/giving.

Early Childhood News and Resources:  This is a free resource site for parents and teachers. I post articles and also publish guest posts from other authors/leaders/teachers/educators.

Kids Perks:  Free websites for kids, home schoolers, nannies, teachers and more. I post family friendly links/sites that are not packed with spam and/or ‘icky’ content. All sites are pre-screened prior to posting.

Pine Media:  My husband and I are partners in Pine Media.  We build websites, offer hosting, help with SEO and much more. (co-run with my hubby)


Jen B

Purple Heels Society
Jennifer Boutelle, Founder

Introducing:  Jennifer Boutelle, Founder of the Purple Heels Society, dedicated to uniting and influencing women throughout the world to make genuine, selfless contributions to their respective communities.

“I  moved to LA after college and began working for a production company and kept meeting many amazing women – at work, social gatherings, random vacations and even airports.  I began asking myself, how could I possibly get these special women together and share what I perceived?  I pictured an ocean of classy ladies who could really make magic happen if they just channeled their strengths.”


Boutelle believes that you have to love yourself first, in order to have love and empathy for others and become a REAL community contributor who fully understands the plight of those less fortunate.  Bringing her favorite strong, classy women together, she began to form a sisterhood and discuss giving back to the community. 

“A plan began to hatch.  Each month The Purple Heels Society would focus on a different theme and schedule volunteer days to an organization we felt needed our support.  We plan to present a new member and/or a new group each month with an Invest in Me Challenge, that would help our women target their strong points and work on their weaker ones.  The society will operate on a points system to monitor and highlight those who excel.”

Now that Jennifer had created the idea, she wanted feedback and called on her trusted friends:  Ellinor, Katarina, and Danielle.  They all weighed in and agreed that our society had the potential to spread globally and were excited to offer their help and be in the front lines.  Ellinor agreed to start a chapter in Stockholm.  Katarina would tackle London.  Danielle Golfieri would become President of the Los Angeles chapter.  “We were officially becoming a global society,” says Boutelle.  More women soon began jumping on board and chapters sprung in New York City and Atlanta.  

“However, the official launch of our society had to start in Los Angeles.  It was the birthplace for the idea and seemed only fitting.  So, on April 9th, 2011, we had our first meeting.  Nearly 25 girls came to the meeting.  We honored the dedicated work Champions Against Bullying does to protect children from being bullied,” said the founder.   

We are excited about our first two volunteer days in May in Los Angeles.  Atlanta and New York City Launch Parties will be held between August and October. Launch parties in London and Stockholm are slated for November.  Our goal for 2011, is to gather a greater number of dedicated women to join our team so we can be a part of helping to make a difference.