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Alexandra Penn

Alex Penn

Alexandra brings over two decades of experience as a leading advocate for children.  More than a teacher, educator, violence prevention counselor and contributor to the Government’s Canadian Safe Schools Task Force, Alexandra is also a recognized expert, Crisis Intervention Specialist, Workplace Safety Consultant and an Internationally Certified Trainer in Youth Violence Prevention.  A coveted speaker, Alexandra leads workshops for kids, parents and educators and responds to a variety of speaking engagements throughout North America.

Her career began at the Toronto Board of Education in Canada, as a counselor providing long and short term counseling to kids aged five to eighteen.  One of Alexandra’s career highlights was her noted breakthrough work with an autistic child that inspired a training video used as a teaching tool, at the world–renowned Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, a psychiatric hospital in Toronto, Canada. Alexandra is a Founding Member of the steering committee for the Toronto Coalition for Bullying Awareness and Prevention.   

Recommended by the Ontario Ministry of Education, Alexandra co-authored  the Disney Parent-To-Parent interactive award-winning resource, “The No-Nonsense Guide To Kids’ Bullying Solutions,” that teaches kids how to save their own lives and parents how to save their kids’ lives.  The resource was honored as “Best Educational Product” for two consecutive years.

Alexandra maintains, “Learning is impaired when children are scared.  One in four kids is bullied daily.  Because children’s mental health is directly linked to their academic success, that means one in four kids is underperforming. Removing the obstacles that impede learning is essential to a child’s future.  It’s up to us.” 

Board of Directors

Leigh Rachel Faith-Fujimoto - USA Director

Leigh Rachel Faith

Leigh is passionate about building safe communities.  She began serving as the organization’s Youth Coordinator in Canada, in 2005 and spearheaded the organization’s expansion into the US in 2007, resulting in acquiring nonprofit status for Champions Against Bullying. 

Building on her background and experience in psychology and mentoring, she continues to lead hundreds of workshops for kids, parents and teachers and share her expertise with dozens of media outlets. 

As an actress, writer and producer for film and television in Los Angeles, Leigh is working on several feature films that address important social issues.  She uses her experience with the media and entertainment industry to heighten awareness and build support for the cause.  She brings a variety of talent and experience to the table and is an invaluable asset to the development of new programs, initiatives and partnerships for Champions Against Bullying.

While continuing her career as a film and television actress, every day is an opportunity for Leigh to make a difference in the world.  She is dedicated to the empowerment of all children around the globe.  In her workshops, assemblies and presentations, Leigh informs and inspires her audience – kids, educators and parents - to take action and join her in protecting children and enhancing their lives.

Senta Greene - Early Childhood Education Expert

Senta Greene, founder of Full Circle Consulting Systems, is a contemporary luminary in education and a featured speaker and presenter at numerous domestic and international conferences, meetings and events. Delivering scores of keynote addresses on effectual leadership, innovation in education, reflective practice, inclusive education, family engagement and cultural humility, Senta is a brilliant thought leader in education and is known for creating dynamic learning experiences.

She has earned several honors including, testifying before the United States Congress, recognition as a distinguished and award-winning lecturer at California State University, Northridge in the Department of Child and Adolescent Development and by The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Senta is also the recipient of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal Award for her advocacy and leadership in stemming the rising tide of preschoolers in low-income communities who enter school without the skills needed to succeed.

In 2015, Senta was named one of the Most Powerful Emerging Leaders in the nation by the Exchange Leadership Initiative.  She has an extensive background as a professional development consultant in education working with a host of public and private entities including schools, Institutes of Higher Education, Early Head Starts/Head Starts, county offices of education, school districts, hospitals, family homes and other educational arenas.  A writer, speaker, and commentator on education in national and international broadcast media, professional publications, and think tanks, Senta has also served as an advisor on various national and international projects supported by the United States Departments of Education and Human Services; The California Department of Education and The Early Head Start National Think Tank.

As the founder and executive leader of Full Circle, she advises clients on strategic planning, vision casting, executive coaching, team performance, curriculum and reflective practice.  She continues to celebrate a distinguished career with over 25 years of experience inspiring educators and school leaders to serve children and their families.  As Full Circle approaches its 10th year, Senta continues to captivate audiences, impact educational systems, and create ripples of change in a multitude of settings with her deep commitment and passion for children, families and the staff and program leaders that serve them.

Audrie Benjamin Roth

Tanya Stephens


Tanya has worked for Festival of Children Foundation for 5 years and was a volunteer for 3 years prior.  As the Manager of Communications and Administration, she has the opportunity to learn about the critical issues children are facing.  Bullying is one issue that has been overlooked for many years.  

“When I first met Alex and Leigh, I knew Champions Against Bullying was an organization with the passion to make a difference, and I wanted to be involved.”  

Tanya is a wife, mother of 7 children and 3 amazing grandchildren. She previously worked in the healthcare field and was always involved in volunteering.  She loves to make a difference and help wherever possible.  

Janis Gaudelli


Janis lives and breathes consumer culture!  She is a highly insightful and experienced culture vulture who focuses her efforts in market research, community building & engagement.  Janis has over twelve years’ experience deep-diving into the consumer marketplace.
 With a consistent dedication and passion for understanding today’s active consumer, Janis thrives and excels in interpreting their behaviors and psychological makeup. Through her exploratory research and daily dialogue with these markets, she develops unique and successful marketing programs for clients targeting their desired demographic.

After being the “go-to-girl” for companies like Lucky Magazine, Teen People, Wet Seal, Warner Brothers, Telemundo, Kaboodle and Reebok, Janis took her consumer insight abilities and started a company by the same name. At GO-TO-GIRL, Janis created an online community of over 7,500 consumers that she taps into for all her consumer research/engagement needs. Some of GTG's clients included: Warner Bros., Reebok, FOX, Generate, Saatchi & Saatchi, General Mills, InStyle, Lucky Magazine, Premise Immersive Marketing, Saban Capital Group, Allykatzz.com and CommonSenseMedia.org.

Besides research, Janis's greatest passion is mentoring teens & young adults. She serves on many youth mentoring boards and helps in creating progressive educational initiatives.  Janis is full-throttle behind the mission of Champions Against Bullying.

Lauren Lovett

Lauren is the Founder and Program Director of Reading Opens Minds (ROM), an organization that brings the Book Club experience to venues across Los Angeles such as the Women’s County Jail, Venice Family Clinic, LA Gay and Lesbian Center and Bright Star Charter School. ROM is a project under the Pasadena Arts Council’s EMERGE Fiscal Sponsorship Program.

A graduate of The Juilliard School’s Drama Division, Lauren has appeared on many stages across the country including in Los Angeles, the Mark Taper Forum and the Geffen Playhouse and also on numerous television shows.  She is currently attending Pacifica Graduate Institute to obtain a Masters in Counseling Psychology.  Lauren is a dedicated advocate of Champions Against Bullying

Champions Against Bullying is a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.