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  Safe Practices for Schools  

Prevention / Intervention / Solutions

How to Create a School Culture that Refuses Bullying to Continue

  1. Involve everyone.  Bullying prevention is everyone’s job.  Effective programs take a whole school approach encompassing students, parents and all staff.  Research indicates that a collaborative approach has a greater success rate.
  1. Provide workshops and information sessions for kids, parents and educators.
  1. Develop written, thorough anti bullying policies and procedures that include, definitions of bullying, expectations, consequences and reporting – including threats, confidentiality, investigating and timelines.  Distribute copies to every family and all staff so that everyone is on the same page!J  No pun intended.
  1. Build a culture of caring.  Research shows that the best hope we have for reducing bullying is to change the school culture by boosting empathy and compassion.
  1. Mobilize the bystanders who witness the bullying.  Studies at the University of Toronto show that students who step in within the first ten seconds can effectively stop bullying.
  1. Invite experts in School Bullying/Youth Violence to help your school develop the tools and launch your program.

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