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  Award Winning CD-Rom  

The No-Nonsense Guide To Kids’Bullying Solutions


Champions Against Bullying Does It Again – Award Winners!
*Disney’s 2006 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award + Winner of the TOP 20 Award for Parents and Kids*
An award winning, interactive, Ministry of Education approved CD-ROM that teaches kids how to save their own lives and parents how to save their kids’ lives.  

Children learn prevention and intervention strategies, immediate practical solutions and safe and effective ways to help a friend who is being targeted by bullies.

Parents, educators and health professionals, learn how to recognize the signs, listen between the lines and help kids safely.

Simply move the cursor over each character, get inside their head, discover what goes through their minds.

Loaded with follow up activities, comic strips with lessons, discussions and role-playing ideas, offering parents and educators a chance to bond, dialogue and enhance the learning.

Boosts self-esteem, reduces anxiety, encourages inclusion, respect, tolerance, diversity and friendship, while improving the quality of life of everyone it touches.

Scenarios cover all kinds of bullying from physical to emotional to relational to cyber bullying.  Comic strips with a lesson help the medicine go down.

Offers kids instant positive reinforcement increases their safety and widens their circle of opportunity.  

Examples of topics covered:  What is bullying?  What can you do if you see someone being bullied or if you know you are about to be bullied?  What is a bystander?   What is cyber bullying? 

Bullying is shrouded in fear, shame and secrecy and its ramifications are widespread.  Working together, extending our reach, and reducing violence, we can benefit our children and restore safety to our communities.

Copies are now available with donations of $50 US or more! click here