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  Media and Champions Against Bullying  

PRESS - T.V., Radio, Print, Online, Awards

Alexandra Penn’s Tips for Teachers and Parents to Help Children with Tourette Syndrome at School: tourettesinfogizmo.com/videos.html

Check out what Alex And Leigh had to say about bullying on the Larry Morgan on Sound Show– August 2012!!!!!!!!

Teen stars support anti-bullying fundraiser Sunday; Canadian nonprofit benefits- examiner.com / August 2012

Check out what Alex And Leigh had to say about bullying on the Bobby DeMuro show on February 26th 2012!!!!!!!!

Are Anti-Bullying Programs Failing Our Children?
Alexandra's Insight, mommynoire.com, Shayla Perry, October 2013!!!!!!!!

Twitter can be a mean place. Meet @TheNiceBot.- By Caitlin Gibson/ December 11, 2015 / Wall Street Journal/ Feature Article

Video of Teens Reading Texts They Sent To Friends Take An Unexpected Turn/ January 13, 2015 / Business Insider/ Video and Article

Designer Andres Aquino Partners with Champions Against Bullying/ January 26, 2015 / Couture Fashion Week / Feature Article

Hard-hitting video highlights the heartbreaking results of bullying- Siam Goorwich/ January 8, 2015 / Metro / Feature Article

Bullies do long-term damage to themselves, as well as victims- By Lois M. Collins / Jan. 2012 / Desert News/ Feature Article

We've come a Long Way, Baby. Have we really? - Alexandra Penn, Founder of Champions Against Bullying/ Sept/Oct. 2011/ Teach Magazine / Feature Article

Polk Schools Increase Efforts to Stave Off Bullying / December 2011 / Chase Purdy - The Ledger

Interview with Alexandra Penn, Founder of Champions Against Bullying- part 2/ October 2011 / Canada Canada Culture & Events Examiner.com

“In a wired world, children unable to escape cyberbullying - By Stephanie Chen, CNN”/ October 4, 2010

“North Shore News”/ Sunday, September 5, 2010 ......Heading back to school can cause anxiety in many kids. Here are some tips from Alexandra Penn, ...

"Professionals of Playtime– Diana Marszalek / Washington Times, July 14, 2010

“Recess coaches hired to improve play” – Diana Marszalek / Seattle Times, July 13, 2010

Champions Against Bullying is featured in this month's issue of Kiwi Magazine

“On Air With Tony Sweet” - Tony Sweet and Ann Walker / LA Talk Radio, August 23, 2009

“A Worthwhile Cause” – Perez Hilton / perezhilton.com, May, 2009

“Hello Herman” - Special Thanks - John Buffalo Mailer / Centre for the Arts, May 2009

“The Community Council” - Boy Toy Jesse Lozano / KIIS-FM, March 2009

Featured in “The Catalyst” – BC School Counselors’ Association / November 18, 2008

“When Your Child Is A Bully” – Randi Chapnik Myers / Today's Parent, March, 2008

“Bullies Strike Every 7 Seconds” - Kevin Connor / Toronto Sun, Feburary, 2007

“Solving The Bully Problem” - Jodie Lynn / Inside Parenting Success, 2007

“Raising The Alert On Cyber-Bullying” *- Alexandra Penn / Teach Magazine, Nov- Dec 2006

“New Bullying Video Game” - Evening News / City Pulse News, September 2006

“The No-Nonsense Guide…” Tricia Myles Dutcher / Kid Safe Productions, June 23, 2006

“Joint Effort Can Stop Bullying” - Lisi Tescher / Metro, January 11, 2006

“Bullies Put Boots To Self-Esteem” – Dr. Peter Nieman / Calgary Herald, March 10, 2005

“Fighting ‘Bullicide’” - Vivian Song / Toronto Sun, November 27, 2005

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