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  Tips for Parents  

Managing a bullying situation

Children rarely tell their parents that they are being bullied.  Pay attention to the following signs and changes in behavior:

  1.   Continually finds excuses to stay home from school.
  2.   Returns home from school with cuts, scrapes and bruises.
  3.   Arrives home from school with damaged, torn or missing belongings.
  4.   Spends a lot of time alone and doesn’t socialize with others.
  5.   Experiences mood swings and a change in personality, such as fearfulness and unusual anxiety.
  6.   Seems afraid to go to school or ride the bus and feigns illness.
  7.   Has trouble sleeping and suffers nightmares.
  8.   Loses interest in school and suddenly his/her grades drop.
  9.   Sudden loss of appetite.
  10.   Neglects his/her appearance.

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