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  Faces of Bullying  

It’s not okay to hurt another person.  Just as we come in all shapes and sizes, bullying has many faces and often hides under a mask known as “teasing.”  Whether kids are pushed, shoved, taunted or excluded, called names, threatened, whispered about or cyber bullied, their pain is enormous and the effects can last a lifetime  - much longer than a bloody nose.

Champions Against Bullying (CAB) hopes that a light will go on as you read through these comic strips and realize how much power YOU have to make a difference.  You may even recognize yourself in one of the scenes, either as the bully, victim or bystander.  Be a friend.  Bullies are more likely to pick on kids that are alone.  Friendship often gives victims the self-confidence and support to stand up for themselves.

Violence is not the way to solve problems and bring about peace.

You may think that as long as you’re not the one bullying, you’re not hurting anyone.  That’s not exactly true.  A bystander is the bully’s audience and bullies love an audience.  It makes them feel stronger and more important.  As a bystander, you have the power to help by telling an adult.  As a group, you could tell the bully to stop, that what he or she is doing is wrong and you will not stand by and watch.  Remember:  telling an adult is not tattling.  It’s helping someone get out of trouble.  Bystanders usually feel uncomfortable watching someone being bullied. They know it’s wrong and wouldn’t want to be in the victim's shoes.  Don’t keep bullying a secret – someone else’s or yours.

Learn all about the cowards who use the Internet as their curtain to hide behind and spread hateful messages in seconds.  To learn more and find out what you can do to protect yourself and make smart choices, click here. 

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt



By Norm Fuller, who remembers what it felt like to be bullied

Why do people feel the need to bully other people around?
Why do they feel the need to put other people down?
Physically hurt them and throw them on the ground.
They need to do this to feel tougher
But later in life they will all suffer.
As the saying goes what goes around comes around
And sooner or later they will all go down.
People who bully think they are cool
But in my eyes they look like a fool.
There is nothing cool about it
Why do people stand around and watch it?
They should step in and help the person being picked on
Because the person being bullied always feels withdrawn.
Why do we let this go on?
We are all going to regret it once that person is gone.
The person being bullied may take their life
We need to step in and help them
Show them they are someone and their life is not condemn.
Everyone is different, no one is the same,
If we were, the world would be a boring place
We are all different by name, nationality, and race
To me bullies are truly a disgrace.
We need to start showing each other some love, honest, trust, and respect
Instead of name calling, physical abuse, and neglect.
So for all the people who are or had been bullied in their life and feel that things will never let up
Just remember things will get better,
Life is precious and worth living
So keep your head up.




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