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  Tips for Educators  

Teachers and Parents Working Together

Parental influence on their kids’ academics and behavior means the odds are greater that kids maintain a daily positive learning outlook.

Parents are the school’s best ally and need to be encouraged by the schools and the teachers to get involved. 

Showing our appreciation and enlisting their help goes a long way to building a supportive and friendly school climate.

Strategies To Increase Parent Involvement And Ensure Parental Support:  Bridging The Gap

  • Get each parent’s e-mail and keep them informed about what their kids are learning. 
  • Let parents know that you welcome their involvement.  Ask if they would be interested in volunteering on school trips.
  • Send positive comments home and call parents with good reports as well as news of a problem with their child, either academically or socially.  Let them know that you are more than willing to help.
  • Ask parents to write wonderful things about their children’s talents, accomplishments and the activities they excel in and let them know that you plan to read each one to the whole class.  It’s a wonderful self-esteem booster.

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“Learning is Impaired when Children are Scared.”