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  Building Self-Esteem  

Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself.

Check the following points to see how your self-image rates.

I am not influenced by what others say or do.
I am able to say "no," and stand my ground.
I do not always think I am right.
I don't always need approval from others.
I know how to take responsibility.
I do not rely on others to make my life better.
I know how to be a friend to others.
I am too unforgiving and judgmental on myself.
I am confident to raise my hand in class.
I know the only question that isn't smart, is the one that was never asked.
We all have low times and reminding ourselves of all the things we're good at is a great way to take care of ourselves. Forgive yourself for the time you missed the basket or didn't get the grade you thought you deserved, and know that you can get another chance. Go talk to someone who loves you and reinforces how amazing you really are.

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