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Becky Curran

With a B of Sc Marketing degree in hand, Becky Curran moved to Los Angeles and landed a job at Creative Artists Agency, one of Hollywood's top talent agencies.  She followed up with a move to CBS Television Studios, as a casting assistant for pilots and television series. 

Her passion to find a way to change how little people and all people with differences are perceived in the media led Becky to pursue motivational speaking.  In November 2013, she spent time in Kenya assisting with the launch of The Association of People with Dwarfism which led to more acceptance along with educational and job opportunities for people with dwarfism.  She currently resides in New York City.

"Just because someone may look different, doesn't mean that they want to be treated differently.  Bullying continues to be a problem in today's global society.  It needs to stop and every walk of life deserves to be treated equally.  I want the next generation of little people and everyone else to live in a bully free world.  I feel honored to serve as Ambassador for Champions Against Bullying, to help provids an opportunity to work towards the goal of a bully free world, starting with schools."



Nadine Hohnke

Nadine is 25 years old and a graduate of Eastern Michigan University College of Business. She is currently a marketing analyst for Public Service Credit Union located in Romulus, MI. She grew up in Canada loving to perform whether it be in shows acting, singing or dancing and now lives in Michigan with her amazing husband and stepdaughter.

Nadine is SO happy to be working with Champions Against Bullying and thinks the cause is just so important in today’s day and age!

“I have seen what the effects of bullying can do to people first hand. It is devastating to those targeted and their families to see someone they love going through the turmoil it brings. My brother and his history with being bullied is my biggest motivation for wanting to be a part of this beautiful cause and I can’t thank Champions Against Bullying enough for the opportunity to come on board as an ambassador!”


Elysia Potter

Elysia Marie Potter loves to race cars even more than she loves to sing!  The twelve-year-old honor roll student at Crittenden Middle School, began Quad racing in her backyard at the tender age of seven and today she continues her “need for speed,” at Langley Speedway, where she has also sung the National Anthem.

Being a girl in what is known as a traditionally guy’s sport, Elysia encounters bullying by kids and adults alike at the racetrack.  Being the youngest in her class and excelling, she was shunned by her peers but learned, “how to stand up to them,” and today, some of them are her closest friends.

She believes everyone is a champion and nobody should be left out.  “I believe we are all individuals and while we may look different, we still have feelings and shouldn’t be snubbed and excluded.  Champions Against Bullying is a great organization and really lets us know that we are all champions - we are all winners.”


Noah Riley

Since the age of 19, I have worked full time in ministry, leading and engaging hundreds of kids each week.  I recently stopped to write a book to inspire love, respect and kindness.

During my time in ministry, I worked with elementary and middle school children weekly and there were days I left frustrated after listening to how students talk to their peers.  Language is a powerful tool and using words that bring others down is unkind and hurtful.

Bullying is a serious epidemic that can destroy generations and it's time to end it.  We hold the cure - LOVE.  I am honored to be a part of Champions Against Bullying because it's so much more than an organization.  It's a movement - a movement spreading Love to this country and to the world!


Sarah Spears


My name is Sarah Spears, I'm 17, and I’m preparing for the Miss teen Arkansas International Pageant.  I will be representing Texarkana, AR and Miss Teen Texarkana International. 

I am interested in joining Champions Against Bullying (CAB) because I was bullied in middle school and junior high and can relate to CAB through my personal experience.  I want to work with CAB in any way possible in order to advocate bullying throughout my community and hopefully further.  I am very passionate about anti-bullying.  I have created a platform entitled B2 with the 3 main points of how to spot bullying, how to stop bullying, and how to come out of being bullied. I have already spoken to teachers and administrators in my school district and plan to take it to each school and to community events. Being partnered with Champions Against Bullying will give me a positive "power buddy" throughout my experiences with B2.